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“Susan’s the best. No BS. She doesn’t shy away from telling you what’s wrong with your MS. And she’ll show you how to fix it.” — Randy Denmon, winner of the 2016 Spur Award

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Why Developmental Editing

the kind that deals with the nuts and bolts of plotting and pacing, of characterization, of voice and tone, along with all of the stylistic elements that go into creating a great read.

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5 Reasons to edit before You Self-Publish

By far the biggest issue I see these days with self-published books is new writers spending gobs of money on the cover art, the promotion, the paid reviews, and neglecting the editing.

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Which is better: Traditional or indie?

Of course, there’s no quick or easy answer. The fact is, a story that draws the reader into its world has been polished and perfected, regardless of whether it is an indie book or not.

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