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Malone Editorial Services offers in-depth book editing for writers and publishers from an award-winning author and novel editor.
Malone-edited books are SOLD to traditional publishers and her writers become successful authors.

  • Lords of an Empty Land


    Susan's the best. No BS. She doesn't shy away from telling you what's wrong with your MS. And she'll show you how to fix it. - Randy Denmon

    Lords of an Empty Land by Randy Denmon
  • Trouble Brewing


    How good a book editor is Susan? Let me put it this way: I'm hesitant to tell too many other writers how fantastic she is because I don't want to have to stand in line next time I have a manuscript that needs her help. - Paul Ambercrombie

    Trouble Brewing by Paul Ambercrombie
  • Home by Christmas


    I was able to take my writing to a higher level with the valuable help of Susan Malone. As I am a Romantic Suspense writer, Susan had to perform double duty - editing as well as advising from the female perspective. Certainly I owe a lot to my wife in that regard but I have to admit, once my wife reads Susan's review and says, "See… I told you so." Well, that pretty much seals the deal. My first book Home by Christmas, a holiday novella, was released by Black Lyon Publishing in early November. The advice I received from Susan regarding dialogue and pacing in the mist of conflict along with her hammering on active tense made for a much improved story. I have received great reviews and hope to collaborate with Susan again in the near future. - Rory Church

    Missing - Kevin Don Porter
  • Sons In The Clouds


    Working with Susan Malone continues being a terrific experience to this day. When we first began, I was a very inexperienced first-time writer with an extremely rough manuscript I wanted to make into something publishable--she helped make the impossible, possible. Susan dove in and did far more than simply edit grammar. She helped develop my story and make it the best it could be by teaching such valuable skills as character development, evoking emotions, tightening dialogue, and keeping the author's omnipresent voice out of the equation, to name a few. She has a great eye for detail and will tug on a storyline till it's in excellent form. She's a great supporter, but isn't afraid to point out flaws when needed. Without her, my first novel would have never been traditionally published. Susan is always there for me as a wonderful enthusiast. I've really enjoyed being creative with her and am looking forward to our future accomplishments. - Randy Mitchell

    Missing - Kevin Don Porter
  • Missing


    Susan Mary Malone is a godsend. With her detailed and comprehensive manuscript critique and dedicated follow-up and correspondence, Susan possess the rare ability to make you feel as if you were her only client. She has a gentle way of letting you know when things aren't working, praising you when they are, and challenging you to push further -- helping writers to develop and polish their skills to a mirror shine. Susan is a seasoned writing professional well-acquainted with publishing success. She counsels writers not only on craft, but on how to create an effective query letter and interact with literary agents, and how to navigate through the ever-evolving publishing industry. She is a cheerleader who has the diligence and dedication to help push writers to the top. Great writing takes skill, hard work and persistence, but if ever there was a magic bullet for getting traditionally published--Susan Mary Malone is IT! - Kevin Don Porter

    Missing - Kevin Don Porter
  • What's Wrong With My Family


    Family. We all have one. And with all the gifts they bring, along comes at least a few lumps of coal-from some friction to downright anger and dysfunction. What's a healthy family anyway? What's a toxic one? Where is the middle ground? And how do you navigate family relationships to negotiate conflict resolution? WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY FAMILY explores the problems stemming from even the healthiest to the most destructive ones. Most important, it teaches what issues arise within you from your own family of origin, and how to heal from the wounds. A book of hope, it shows that no matter where you come from, you can live your best life anyway.
    - Susan Mary Malone & Gary L. Malone, MD
                                          Watch the videos!

    What's Wrong With My Family - Susan Mary Malone and Gary L. Malone, MD
  • A Life Lived Ridiculously


    “Susan was an amazing editor. She offered great advice on how to make the story more appealing. She suggested twists and turns that hadn't occurred to me, and that greatly enriched the story. Susan and I worked as a team to make A Life Lived Ridiculously the best read possible and I felt that Susan really cared about the book, as much as I did. Susan's extensive knowledge of the industry gave me the confidence to follow all her great advice, and the story would not be the success that it is, were it not for her input.”
    - Dr. Annabelle R. Charbit

    A Life Lived Ridiculously - Dr. Annabelle R. Charbit
  • KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon


    “Susan Malone is a master of developmental editing. She not only sees what your work needs to reach the next level, she gracefully provides the necessary guidance to get it there. She demands your best, but never belittles. She's there to make you better, not to put her thumbprint on your work. Susan's support got me published and I can't wait to work with her again on the sequel to KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon!”
    - Alison Kartevold

    KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon - Alison Kartevold
  • Swiss Chocolate


    “I found Susan Mary Malone on the internet, and after reading what others had written about her editing skills I hired her on the spot. I was not disappointed. Not only did she give me a brilliant critique, but she honed in on the essential aspects of the story and characters and helped me flesh them out. With her help, she taught me some of the most essential skills about good story telling. Working with her has made a permanent impact on my writing. She followed up with me as I painfully worked through the rewrites. I sent her back entire chapters, and she continued to mark them up and send them back with words of encouragement and wonderful critiques. This continued for months until Susan told me congratulations, I had nailed it, and go celebrate. And lo and behold, my book got published four years later. Susan Mary Malone is a truly gifted editor.”
    - James M. Weil

    Swiss Chocolate - James M. Weil
  • Peter's Last Sermon: Identity and Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark


    I loved working with Susan Malone. Working with her was like taking a graduate writing course. As would any superb teacher, Susan pointed out the flaws, made sure I understood, suggested approaches, provided unlimited follow-up as I revised, and her optimistic, bountiful encouragement made it all a fun experience!
    Would I recommend Susan Malone to others? Yes and yes. My novel, Masters and Savages, came out in June 2009. I was so impressed with her work that I sent Peter's Last Sermon: Identity and Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark to her, and I've also sent my most recent novel manuscript to her. If you are looking for help, but don't see exactly where you need it, then Ms. Susan Malone from Malone Editorial is the person you should contact.
    - James Dawsey

    Peter's Last Sermon: Identity and Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark - James Dawsey
  • Between the Fences


    I was taught early, that if you want to be an author the rule of the trade is there's no such thing as good writing, only good rewriting. I was trying to get a story told and see some impact from the government for change in government policies toward migrant workers being detained in government facilities. The most important lesson I learn from Susan Malone is not to give up, and I didn't. When Ruth Cavin from St. Martin's Press gave the book a good review and made me an offer, I knew Susan had done a great job.
    - Tony Hefner

    Between the Fences - Tony Heffner
  • Shadows in the Mist


    Thanks, Susan, your critique and edit of my original draft of SHADOWS IN THE MIST really helped the book's overall success. I orginally told the story from multiple viewpoints and you suggested that I tell the whole World War II part of the book from Lt. Jack Chambers' point of view. I believe that really improved the story and deepened my connection with the protogonist. So pat yourself on the back.
    - Brian Moreland

    Shadows in the Mist - Brian Moreland
  • Ida Mae Tutweiler and the Traveling Tea Party


    To my mind, my book was finished, like a canvas completely covered in paint. Susan Malone not only showed me where the blank spots were, but her suggestions were exactly on target. If Ida Mae Tutweiler and the Traveling Tea Party is a success, it is only because her talent and craftsmanship took an unfinished piece of work and turned it into a finely tuned book. I am entirely convinced every writer who wants to be published needs a Susan Mary Malone behind them.
    - Ginnie Siena Bivona

    Ida Mae Tutweiler and the Traveling Tea Party - Ginnie Siena Bivona
  • Soul Mates Dissipate


    God blesses each writer with a gift. God blessed me with Susan M. Malone. While I possessed the talent to write awesome stories, heaven knows I was lacking in the nuts and bolts area (i.e., grammar, character development, etc.). But not for long. When Susan mailed me my manuscript along with her eighteen-page complete editorial, I was grateful I had chosen the perfect person for the job. Basically, Susan believed in my work and thanks to her I have a six-figure, three-book deal to prove it!
    - Mary B. Morrison

    Soul Mates Dissipate - Mary B. Morrison
  • Everywoman Needs a Wife


    Susan has been more than a great editor, she has been a wonderful mentor. I started with an editor who generally checked for basic things (crossed the Ts, dotted the Is). Susan gave so much more--pacing, flow, plot, dialogue doctoring, character development, storyline consistency, adding the "page-turner" quality that is necessary for any literary work or novel. I not only learned the correct process of writing, but how to write with an editor's eye. Combined, these qualities helped my story to gain the attention of a major house.
    - Naleighna Kai

    Everywoman Needs a Wife - Naleighna Kai
  • The Retreaters


    Susan's specific comments on character development, plot, pacing, not to mention her detailed attention to the finer 'nuts and bolts' of writing, was a light-bulb moment. She opened my eyes and showed me just how much work as needed, but more importantly, made me see that I could do it. Having seen the novel through to publication, I now know just how crucial the right creative input at the right time can be. Working with Susan Malone was absolutely pivotal in my writing career.
    - Sharlene Miller Brown

    The Retreaters - Sharlene Miller Brown
  • O'Brien's Desk


    After finishing my first novel, and as a college literature professor, I was convinced that I was skilled enough to edit it. Only after numerous rejections did I question this assumption. And it was lucky that I stumbled upon Susan Mary Malone. Susan saw immediately what my manuscript needed to make it saleable. She did not change my story, she helped me enrich it. She did not silence my voice, she helped me find it. Clear, insightful and honest. Approachable, patient and encouraging. That is Susan Mary Malone. My writing deepened as a result of her editing, and my novel was sold to a wonderful publisher. I look forward to working with her again.
    - Ona Russell

    O'Brien's Desk - Ona Russell
  • Forever Sarah


    Within a year after I began working with Susan Malone, I had several completed works, an agent, and two contracts with publishing houses, with a third in negotiation. I learned more from Susan about language and literature than I had as a Ph.D. student or from my 25 years of teaching writing and literature. Susan helped me find my ability to write, taught me to see my own work with an objective eye, and helped me become my own best critic. Most important, she enabled me to believe in myself. Her critiques are so comprehensive, her guidance so clear, and her cheerleading so infectious that I really learned to 'see' myself as a writer.
    - Gerald W. Morton

    Forever Sarah - Gerald W. Morton
  • Buddha Wept


    Susan Malone helped me turn two raw and unwieldy manuscripts into polished and marketable novels. She's got a diamond-cutter's accuracy, a pilot's sense of commitment, and a sculptor's caressing touch. She covered the entire gamut of what makes a novel work: characters, story, dialogue, action, pacing, setting up scenes, and language-right down to the last period. She's proof of something another writer once told me: 'The writer's only half of a good book. The editor is the other half.'" If you are a writer, this editor is definitely on your side.
    - Rocco Lo Bosco

    Buddha Wept - Rocco La Rocco

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  • Forty-five (and counting) Malone-edited books sold to Traditional Publishers
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  • "Working with Malone is like earning a graduate degree in writing."
    – Gary Goldstein, Senior Editor, Kensington books.
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